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Peconic Escargot and Wild Shrimp Wontons, Fermented Black Bean Vinaigrette

Betcha can't have just one! Fry them or steam them, it just doesn't matter. Peconic Escargot and shrimp are a match made in heaven. You'll be wishing you made more, trust us.

4 oz wild shrimp puree

4 oz chopped shrimp

1 cup finely chopped bok choy

1T garlic

1T scallion

1T potato starch

Salt and white pepper

24 snails, par cooked (see cooking tips)

Thin Hong Kong Style wonton wrappers

  1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients (except wrappers) until springy to the touch

  2. Place a tablespoon of filling in center of each wonton and top with one fold into desired shape.

Black bean vinaigrette

2 T rinsed and chopped fermented chinese black bean

1T chives

1T minced garlic

2 T sesame oil

1T sambal olek

1 cup low sodium soy sauce

1 cup chinese red vinegar

3T honey

Combine all ingredients


  1. Blanch or deep fry wontons until cooked through

  2. Serve with vinaigrette

Greg Ling - Industry Standard - Greenport, NY -

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