Hi there! I'm Taylor Knapp. Owner and Head Snail Wrangler here at Peconic Escargot.

Our story begins in 2013. I was working as a chef on the North Fork of Long Island and trying my best (as so many others do) to source the restaurant's ingredients seasonally and locally. I wanted to create an escargot dish - something really special. I knew that escargot was available in cans and frozen, but I was already going through such lengths to gather all my other ingredients fresh, from local sources. I started by searching as locally as I could.


"Is there anyone in New York I could buy fresh snails from?"  Nada.

"Ok, how about the East Coast?"  Zip.

"Alright, how about from the U.S.?" Again, nothing. They didn't exist. 

"And then it dawned on me...these chefs, the best chefs in the country, are sourcing these incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables. Seafood caught that morning. Free range chickens and grass fed beef... And then they're opening up a dusty old can of snails. That just doesn't make sense."

As a last ditch effort, I messaged a former chef of mine to see if he had any ideas. He didn't, but jokingly suggested I raise them myself. I got to thinking (which usually spells trouble) and that was the moment Peconic Escargot was born.


It's been a long road to get to where we are today. Miles and miles of red tape and the enormous task of building a business without precedent or a road map. But here we are! We're so proud to be able offer you the absolute freshest escargot in the country and maybe even the world.


This is Peconic Escargot - never canned, never frozen. Just really fresh escargot.

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