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The snails:

Our snails are a heritage French species called Petit Gris or Little Grey Snail known for their exquisite flavor and tenderness. The petit gris are smaller than your typical canned snail - but that's a good thing! These are the bay scallops of the snail world - sweet and tender. This species was first introduced to North America when it was brought over from Europe in the 1850's. 

The location:

Peconic Escargot is located in beautiful Cutchogue, New York - on the North Fork of Long Island. Our greenhouse operation provides the snails with fresh air and natural sunlight. Because of the controlled environment, we're able to bring you a consistent product year round.

The diet:

The snails are raised on a diet of wild foraged greens like dandelion, burdock, clover, sorrel, and others. After all, if they were in the wild, that's exactly what they'd be eating. Why feed them anything else? Once the snails are ready for processing, they're finished on a diet of herbs like mint, basil, and tarragon. Those herbs become prominent nuances in the snail's ultimate flavor profile. 

Why snails?

We believe that snails are future food! They're seriously packed with protein (one gram per snail!) and they're rich in minerals. In fact, a 3 ounce serving of snails has nearly double the iron and potassium of a 3 ounce serving of beef. Snails are way more efficient at converting food into protein than traditional livestock because they can be grown in a smaller space and consume less feed and water. Let's face it, our natural resources are precious - let's do what we can to conserve them. Eat more snails! The future food!

Why fresh snails?

Peconic Escargot is sold to you fresh, never canned or cooked.


High heat processing makes the snails tough and rubbery and can lead to loss of nuanced flavors. Often additional sodium is added for preservation. No bueno. Peconic Escargot is a completely raw product - ready to prepare however you choose. 

Fresh is best.

Our snails are fat, juicy, plump, and...well...fresh. It's hard to find another way to say it. All of their beautiful natural and wild flavors are intact. And because they're raw and not pre-cooked, you get to start at the beginning with how you choose to prepare and season them. We think that's pretty important. 

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