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A rare and wonderful caviar. Pearls of the earth! Snail caviar is the roe or eggs of the Petit Gris snail - cured with salt, like traditional caviar. These snails will only lay 50-100 eggs a year - making our snail caviar an extraordinary treat. The eggs are bright white and about the size of salmon roe. Because the caviar is produced by land snails, the flavor is earthy and woodsy rather than fishy. Notes of carrot, herbs, mushrooms, and forest floor make this caviar a standout accompaniment to meat and vegetable dishes or simply served by itself.  An excellent no-kill option to traditional fish caviars. 


Appearance: Bright white, pearly spheres. About the size of salmon or trout roe.

Flavor: Notes of earth, woods, and moss. Vegetal and herbaceous. Hints of carrot. Like a walk in the forest after rainfall.

Texture: A sturdy outer membrane keeps the caviar from popping immediately. Once the pearls burst, the rich, fatty, and briny essence coats the tongue.

Shelf Life: 3 months if kept sealed and unopened. 1 week after opening.

Pairing Suggestions: Meat (beef, pork, and game), Vegetables, and Fresh Water Seafood.


*This product ships next day - Monday through Thursday.

Snail Caviar - 40 grams (1.41 oz)

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  • Sealed in a 40g. vacuum caviar tin.

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