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The High Society Bivalve Box includes:

24 Hampton Oyster Co Oysters (In Shell, fresh)

24 Peconic Escargot (In Shell, fresh)

1 Oyster Shucking Knive with Shucking Instructions

1 Ceramic Escargot Dish with Cooking Instructions


Two Dozen Fresh In Shell Oysters from Hampton Oyster Company. These are true blue points - grown in the Peconic Bay between the North and South Forks of Long Island. Deep water, surface grown. The Hampton Oyster Company cultivates premier oysters on Long Island first deepwater-floating farm. Wind and waves unique prune and polish each shell creating our exceptionally clean and refreshing "Summer Friday" oyster line. Known for their heigh brine, petite size, and smooth finish, Summer Fridays are best served on the half-shell with a splash of red or white wine mignonette or a dash of lemon juice.


Contains shucking knife and easy-to-shuck instructions!

Two dozen (24 pieces) Peconic Escargot, In Shell, Fresh. Best for recipes that require you to serve the snail in the shell - such as Bourguignon or Babbalucci. 


These Petit Gris snails are raised at Peconic Escargot in Cutchogue NY. Fed a diet of wild foraged greens like dandelion, burdock, clover, sorrel, and others. Once the snails are ready for processing, they're finished on herbs like mint, basil, and tarragon. Those herbs become prominent nuances in the snail's ultimate flavor profile.


This product comes with recipes for Peconic Escargot Bourguignon and Babbalucci!


2 dozen snails will provide 2-4 servings.



The Magnificent Mollusk Box - Escargot + Oysters

  • Insulated liner with ice packs. 

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